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What Height Should Scooter Handlebars Be For My Kids

When buying any piece of athletic or sports equipment, one of the most important details is the size of the equipment in question. Ill-fitting sports and athletic gear isn’t just uncomfortable and difficult to use, but potentially unsafe. This is one thing when you buy yourself a bat or a bike that doesn’t fit perfectly, […]

Should My Kid Wear a Helmet While Riding a Scooter?

TLDR: Yes. Of course. If you love them they should wear a helmet. Frankly, they should wear one even if you don’t love them. Helmets aren’t a decoration. Helmets are a utility item. Moreover, helmets, like tissues, are designed for destruction. Helmets are made to deflect small impacts and work like a crumple zone for […]

Do 8 Year Old Kids Need A Helmet For A Kick Scooter?

As a child nears the age of ten they become less like the Tasmanian Devil but they are no less unpredictable. Sure, they can read and speak clearly, but every once in awhile the limits of their knowledge or abilities are laid bare as they dip their hands in an inkwell and stamp palm prints […]

Can You Bring Your Child’s Scooter on an Airplane?

Airline travel with children: four words that strike fear in the hearts of most adults. Travel is hard. Airline travel is harder. Adding children to the mix makes everything breathtakingly complicated. Assuming your child is old enough to use a kick scooter, then at least you needn’t worry about apologizing to everyone about a wailing […]

Why You Should Buy a Balance Bike for Your Child, and Which One!

GOMO balance bike close up

Balance bikes are an increasingly popular childhood must have, but the odds are good that you did not have one when you were growing up and you may wonder if getting one is even a good idea. The answer is more complicated than it seems. To Training Wheel or Not to Training Wheel? The old […]

Which Three-Wheeled Scooter Is The Best? GOMO 3 Wheel Scooter

Thinking about a GOMO 3 Wheel Scooter? Your child isn’t yet old enough for a bicycle, but they are old enough to learn the joys of outdoor activities. A three-wheeled scooter is a great tool for bridging that gap, and with plenty of adult-sized scooters on the market, perhaps learning to ride one isn’t as […]